Monster Strike Version 5.3 Adds “Transcension”

monster strike
If you been watching videos on my YouTube channel Kitakubu TV, then you know that I have been playing Monster Strike a lot recently. Today, the English version of the game received a huge update that adds in the new “transcension” monsters. These transcension monsters bring a whole new set of bump combos and skills to the game.

Currently, there are only two monsters in the English version that have transcensions, Agnamut and Agnamut X. While we only have two, the Japanese versions currently has eleven transcension monsters, and that of course includes Agnamut and Agnamut X.

In order for you to transcend these monsters you need a material called “Dragon Gems.” There are five different colors and are obtainable in a new Daily Event quests in Extreme Difficulty at 50 stamina.


When you transcend your monster(s), they will be able to hold two ableberries, fruits that increase stats, etc. They will also gain stronger bump combos, and a second strike-shot.

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