Plastic Memories PS Vita Game to Release October 13, First Details and Screen Shots Revealed

5pb. released the first details for the upcoming Plastic Memories game.

It has been confirmed that the game will be on the Sony PlayStation Vita as an adventure game and will release on October 13.

The game will not be a continuation of the anime series, but the player will be able to go back and revisit the first time both Mizugaki Tsukasa and Isla.


The Story of a Giftia Girl and a Boy

Tsukasa Mizugaki finds employment at the Android “Giftia” manufacturing and management company SAI Corp., where he is assigned to the Terminal Service Division that recovers Giftia who have reached the end of their life span. There, he meets Isla, who he works alongside on a number of jobs, but before long whose own end of service approaches… The game follows the path of the original story, but there are also new routes to discover. Enjoy the story if Isla and friends in your own style.

Accompanying Isla

Among the several routes, if you choose the route in which you accompany Isla, you’ll switch to a “Schedule Mode,” through which you can freely determine your schedule for one month. You’ll be able to select detailed actions that will trigger a variety events. Other routes will put the spotlight on sub-characters, and an original story will unfold.


The game will retail for 7,344 yen and download will be 6,480 yen. A limited-edition version will also be available for 10,584 yen, which will include a Isla SD figure. Those who pre-order will be able to get a product code to download a “chine dress” costume for Isla and “Doki Doki no China Dress” date scenario.

Source: Famitsu, Translation by Gematsu

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