“Traveling to an Alternate World” Fantasy Genre Banned from Light-Novel Contest

Over the past couple of years, stories of characters traveling to an alternative world have been very common. Stories such as Sword Art Online, GATE, Kono Subarashi Sekai ni Shikufuku wo!, and No Game No Life, and much more fit in this genre.

A Japanese short story contest by both Bungaku Free Market and Shousetsuka ni Narou have had enough of those type of stories, so they decided not to accept story submissions with plots that contain “traveling to alternate worlds” or “being reincarnated into other worlds.” Basically anything that has to do with alternative worlds is banned.

Source: ANN, Otakomu


  • Well, that’s certainly boring. Those are some of the best stories. Just say “We’re less likely to feature these because we get so many.”

    • longrange950

      For every decent/good alternate world or reincarnation story there’s 10 others that are just riding the popularity. I can’t tell you how many I’ve seen that just turn out to be overly cliche and just terrible.

      • ValerianHD

        There are about 10 weak sci-fi movies for every good one. Then should we ban all sci-fi movies? Your way of thinking is retarted

  • akakimajyo

    that’s a very wise movement… those writer are lack of creativity.

  • superman-no-underwear.

    Their rights, though idiot.

    Boy love girl. Antagonist interferes. True love wins. End.

    Why don’t ban this genre, even though thousands (if not millions) of such stories already exist?

  • xtri

    why not try to ban Harem and School themes?

  • is that only traveling or does that include stories based on alternate worlds? as in was born and raised there, maybe reincarnated from another continent(atg) but still same planet/universe/dimension.

  • warrek

    Mushoku tensei

    So many good storys that had a animation so many that must have an adaptation, and then this Mother fuc*ers go and FU*K ALL OF THIS…

  • But if they write about this world, there would be more cliches.

  • yeah, anything…aside from actually taking place in an alternative world lol… (its an isekai to us the reader, rather than the character)

  • hsimwak

    “Basically anything that has to do with alternative world is banned” That is certainly a hasty, bold move.
    – Because there are many stories that involves alternate world that are actually extremely popular. I think we all agree, that Game Of Thrones is one of best stories out there, and it involves alternate world, and so is Harry Potter, And so is The Lord of the Rings, and so is One piece, even Naruto, all of them involves alternate world. You could even find an extremly good Web Novel about alternate worlds on the level of GOT, like Daybreak on Hyperion on krytyk website.
    – Alternate world being a popular setting of novels, doesn’t mean that the reason why recent authors is bad and cliche. Even if you set another genre, Cliche author, will still be cliche. Good author will still be good. G.R.R.Martin will still be able to create good works, even if the genre doesnt involve alternate world.
    – It’s not a problem of genre. It’s a problem of the author itself.
    – A good author will be able to create good stories no matter what genre. A bad author will always create cliche stories no matter what genre. Therefore it’s almost idiotic to limit author creativity by limiting the genre.

    • Anonymous

      I think you clearly missed the point. I think anything that has to do with travelling to an alternative world is banned.

  • What about just a story set in an Alternate world like Jin Roh

  • So the characters can only be born in an alternate world. I say that because fantasies can’t exist in real life(meaning in this world), however similar to this world it is, it is still an alternate world. The reason it is so popular with authors and readers alike is because you can see the new world from the protagonists perspective and allows you to feel closer to the main character from the get go. It allows for the author to right from a more first person view of the world and relate it to things in the real world without leaving loopholes or having to heavily describe scenes or draw pictures. This can lead to some poor stories due to lack of detail or other factors but can also create stories that are amazing in other areas and also give good descriptions.

  • Yusha

    I think the point of this is the “I’m an average nerdy joe with no social skills suddenly thrown into a magical world/ sci fi world” is really over done. I don’t think they’re banning the use of an alternate reality. But the placement of a normal person into those realities.

    • Azrael

      And…? How many stories with a clueless guy who gets a harem are out there? How many stories of a typical highschool student who suddenly gets thrown into some weird shit are out there? Do you see any of those banned?

  • traveling to alternate worlds” or “being reincarnated into other worlds

    some people are mistaking it, to banning fantasy world setting. it’s not

    it’s from current world to fantasy world setting that is banned,

    get it straight and read please READ!!!!

    use your head instead of your feelings

  • Zypex

    someone should make a reincarnation, gender bender, yuri light novel.

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