Aoni Production on Kamiya Hiroshi’s Marriage News

a065876de17d0778fb8a65f467ba5491Yesterday, an article that revealed that voice actor Kamiya Hiroshi was married and has a child was released in FLASH magazine. You can see it here.

Kamiya’s agency Aoni Production released a statement, but it doesn’t state that it is whether its for Kamiya or not.

We would like to inform everyone regarding about a recent article that was published on one of our affiliated talents. Due to the respect of our talent’s privacy, please understand that as a company, we are afraid that we can not answer someone else’s privacy. 

In our company, in order for our talents to do a better job, including their private life, and to fulfill life as a person, we help manage it.

We hope you will continue to support our talents with warm cheers.

Aoni Production.

It looks like the agency is not denying the fact that Kamiya is married and has a child. So, most likely the article is true.

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