Kamiya Hiroshi Married to Manga Author Nakamura Hikaru and has a Child!?

The July 12, 2016 issue of FLASH magazine issue No. 1385 has published an article that states popular voice actor Kamiya Hiroshi is married to Arakawa Under the Bridge and Saint Young Men manga author Nakamura Hikaru.

The article also states that the two also have a child. A picture of Kamiya holding a child was taken, which can be seen below.


In 2013, it was rumored that the two were married, but due to no proof the rumor slowly faded away.

If the article is true, there is a possibility that the two met during the first airing of the 2010 TV anime adaptation of Nakamura’s Arakawa Under the Bridge, which Kamiya voiced the main character Ichinomiya Kou.

Another possible clue that they are together is the ending illustration for Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). Nakamura drew an illustration of Levi, who Kamiya also voiced.


Once more information is released we will give you the details.

Source: Matome


  • yaoidaisuki

    Good for him 🙂
    I like him as a person and as a seiyuu. I’m very happy for him!!! ^^

  • D

    I don’t believe in this news. Kamiya himself didn’t confirm it!!! Funny !! People are you guys trust this newspaper????? This news paper in Japan only sale for 300 and its contains lots of bad pictures

    • Sena

      he confirmed it ( sorry for bad englisch) but he said Sorry for all the fans that loved him ( in japan are the voice actors really popular and when a voice actor has a girlfriend or a wife then they get unpopular sometimes ) and he said : i hope you guys will understand.

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