Macross Delta: Scramble Screen Shots Revealed

Famitsu has released the first screen shots for Bandai Namco’s upcoming Macross Delta: Scramble PlayStation Vita game based off the popular ongoing TV anime Macross Delta.

Macross-Delta-Scramble_Fami-shot_07-20-16_001-600x339 Macross-Delta-Scramble_Fami-shot_07-20-16_002-600x339 Macross-Delta-Scramble_Fami-shot_07-20-16_003-600x339 Macross-Delta-Scramble_Fami-shot_07-20-16_004-600x339

The game’s story will cover up until episode 13 of the TV anime, and Extra Missions featuring guest characters from the Macross series such as Ichiyo Hikaru from the first Macross series and Saotome Alto from Macross F.

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