Otogi Nekomu and Fushishima Kousuke Announce Birth of Child

Ah! Megami-sama (Oh! My Goddess) manga author and cosplayer Otogi Nekomu has announced on Twitter that their first child was born.

Apology and birth report

I’m sorry to have worried all of you, the fans, with the sudden announcement the other day. I want to once again offer an apology to having greatly troubled everyone involved.

Also, today I have a report to make. Yesterday our child was born. From here on out, I will cherish my wife and my newborn child and, to repay back the support everyone gave me, I will do my best at producing my work.

Kousuke Fujishima

To the fans and to all the parties concerned, I want to apologize. I also deeply apologize for not being able to appear at Monthy Doronjo’s sale event “Cosplaymate TV” in Kyoto. Looking at Kousuke’s world view and delicate drawings, and in in spending time together, there are many things we like and common features we have. I found I feel the most happy together with him. I think I want to be happy my whole life with Kousuke and the cute baby born to us.

In regards to my job, I want to do my very best and I think I can certainly return to events and live performances. For my family and also for my fans and for all the people involved, I’ll try my best, so from now on I’ll be in your care.

Nekomu Otogi

Translation by ANN

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