Pokemon Go San Diego Comic Con News Round Up

The panel for Pokemon Go has come to an end at San Deigo Comic Con, and the rumors about announcing legendary Pokemon was just a rumor. But, we did get some awesome news for some future updates.

First of all, Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke announced that trading will become a thing in a future update. More info can be seen here.

Here are the list of stuff that was touched at the panel:
– Planning of ways to customize Pokestops
– Pokemon Centers are coming
– More features for gyms
– The game is 10% of what the company wants it to be
– Breeding is currently in the talks
– Legendary birds are tied to teams in some way

Unfortunately, the company did not talk about glitches and bug fixes such as the three-step glitch. It also sounds like we can’t expect legendary Pokemon until after the game releases in all regions.

At the end of the panel, Niantic Labs revealed the designs for the team leaders, which can be seen here.

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