Pokemon Go “Secret Update” Nerfs Top Tier Pokemon

Earlier today, I went to a park with my girlfriend (Jen from Bow x Tie) to hunt some Pokemon in Pokemon Go. While we were at it, we were also battling gyms. As I was battling, I noticed that my Vaporeon’s attack was weaker.  At first I thought it was another bug, but I saw Reddit posts from other players stating that Pokemon Go had an update without even telling us. The update didn’t fix any of the bugs and glitches, but instead changed spawning points for Pokemon and nerfed a lot of Pokemon’s attacks.

Earlier, I wrote an article about PokeVision, a website that tells players where Pokemon spawn, was a problem from Niantic Lab. It looks like the company changed some spawn spots. According to some posts on Reddit, it looks like Dratini nests were replaced with Evee nests. I didn’t believe it at first so I decided to check out the Dratini nest by my house and instead found a couple Evees. Before, the park never had Evees. Of course, Dratini nests aren’t the only ones that were changed.

The list below is provided by a Reddit post:

  • Abra -> Growlithe
  • Bellsprout -> Poliwag
  • Charmander -> Bulbsaur
  • Clefairy-> Nidoran♂
  • Cubone -> Drowzee
  • Diglett -> Paras
  • Doduo -> Ponyta
  • Dratini -> Eevee
  • Drowzee -> Seel
  • Eevee -> Magikarp / Clefairy
  • Electabuzz -> Jynx
  • Gastly – >Magnemite
  • Growlithe -> Meowth
  • Geodude-> Machop
  • Hitmonchan -> Voltorb
  • Hitmonlee -> Krabby
  • Jigglypuff -> Vulpix
  • Jynx -> Scyther
  • Krabby -> Shellder
  • Machop -> Growlithe
  • Magmar -> Electabuzz
  • Magikarp -> Pinser
  • Magnamite -> Geodude
  • Mankey -> Meowth
  • Nidoran♀ -> Sandshrew
  • Nidoran♂ -> Nidoran♀
  • Oddish -> Jigglypuff
  • Onix -> Doduo
  • Pikachu -> Ekans
  • Rhyhorn -> Cubone
  • Pinser -> Magmar
  • Ponyta -> Bellsprout
  • Sandshrew -> Pikachu
  • Scyther -> Staryu
  • Seel -> Slowpoke
  • Shellder -> Slowpoke
  • Slowpoke -> Tentacool
  • Squirtle -> Charmander
  • Tangela -> Cubone
  • Tauros -> Magmar
  • Voltorb -> Gastly
  • Vulpix -> Clefairy

Another big change was nerfs for Pokemon attacks. It looks like all the top tier Pokemon got hit hard. Vaporeon, considered as one of the most strongest Pokemon in the game, is probably now not even considered top 5 anymore. The water Pokemon’s “water gun” attack, which is its fastest attack, used to be 10 damage. Now, its only 6 and the DPS (damage per second) went from 20 DPS to 12 DPS. Vaporeon’s strongest charge attack “Aqua Tail” also got hit. It went from 50 damage to 45 damage and 21.8 DPS to 19.6 DPS.

I haven’t seen it myself, but according to some players Snorlax and Lickitung were also hit hard and Dragonite wasn’t hit as much allowing it to be the current strongest Pokemon as we know.

What do guys think of this update? Personally, I’m kind of disappointed that they didn’t notify us. If they did, I would have been OK with it. I would have gone to the park near my house and hunted more Dratinis when I had the chance.


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