Fans Make Their Own Game Titled Pokemon Uranium

After 9-years of developing, a creative development team has finally released the fan-made Pokemon game. The game is titled Pokemon: Uranium and is free to play for PC.

The fan-made game highly resembles the original Pokemon game(s). The game allows players to choose one of three trainers and to catch Pokemon and battle gyms to become a Pokemon Master.

The game does feature some familiar Pokemon, but it also features 150 new original Pokemon including an original type “Nuclear” type. It does seem that the game isn’t exactly finished. The game title states that it is version 1.0, but it doesn’t mean it’s an incomplete game.

The game looks amazing! You can tell a lot of creativity and dedication were put into it, but it is pretty risky. Pokemon’s original developer Nintendo isn’t new to shutting down fan-made games. We hope they don’t.

A mac version is said to release sometime in the near future.


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