Gintama Live Action Film More Cast Revealed

More cast members for the recently announced live-action film adaptation of Gintama has revealed.


Starting from top left to bottom right:
Sakata Gintoki – Oguri Shun (Previously revealed)
Shimura Shinpachi – Suda Masaki
Kagura – Hashimoto Kanna
Shimura Tae – Nagasawa Masami
Katsura Kotaro – Okada Masaki
Hiraga Gengai – Muro Tsuyoshi
Hijikata Toshiro – Yagira Yuuya
Okita Sougo – Yoshizawa Ryo
Kondo Isao – Nakamura Kankuro

The film will release in Japan in 2017.

Source: Comic Natalie

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