Pokemon TCG ‘Evolutions’ English Booster Packs to Release November

If you guys watch my YouTube channel, Kitakubu TV then you know that I play Pokemon TCG. I enjoy the card game so much I wanted to write articles about it. So, I’ll be starting today.

Pokemon trading card game will be reprinting / remaking the first Pokemon cards in a way to celebrate its 20th-anniversary. In Japan, the packs will release on September 16 and the pack’s cover art features original art from when it first released back in 1996. Yesterday, PokeBeach¬†revealed the pack / box cover and title for the English release of the 20th-anniversary packs.

Evolutions-Mega-Venusaur-Booster-Pack Evolutions-Mega-Blastoise-Booster-Pack Evolutions-Mega-Charizard-X-Booster-Pack Evolutions-Raichu-Booster-Pack

The booster set will be titled ‘EVOLUTIONS’ and the cover art Pokemon will feature Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard, Mega Blastoise, and Raichu. If you played Pokemon TCG when the game first released in English, then you might notice something familiar. The three Mega Evolutions have the same poses as the original booster packs from 1998.


EVOLUTIONS will release in America on November 2.

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