Shadowverse gets Update on August 14

The official website of Cygames’ mobile card game, Shadowverse, has revealed that an update will be coming on August 14 (August 15 in Japan). The new update will add new features and rule changes.

1. More Regions
Shadowverse will be available in more regions.

2. New Chapters in Story Mode
Chapter 7 and 8 added in Story Mode for each leader.

3. Take Two
A new feature, which allows players to create decks on the spot and compete in five matches to win rewards. Crystals, rupies, and Take Two Ticket in order to participate in Take Two.

4. Score-based Mission Rewards
Players will receive rewards based on the score during each season.


– Score-based mission rewards
Players will get rewards based on the score during each season.

5. Sleeves
Card sleeves with various designs can be obtained through rewards or purchasing them from the shop.

6. Leaders
A new leader for each class will be added to the shop.

7. Master Rank
A new rank, Master, will be added.

8. Elite Difficulty
New difficulty, Elite, will be added to Practice Matches against Runecraft, Shadowcraft, and Bloodcraft. Defeat the leaders to unlock new achievements. Other classes will get the difficulty on a later date.

9. Cards Drawn on First Turn
Players who goes second will draw two cards.

10. Cost Change to Harvest Fesitval
Forestcraft’s Harvest Festival will change from 2 to 4. Harvest Festival liquefying will increase from 50 to 200 for normal and 120 to 200 for animated about a month after the update.




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