Happy Manager Game Announced at Tokyo Game Show 2016

D3 Publisher has revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2016 that they will be releasing a game titled Happy Manager, a love adventure game for the PlayStation 4 with VR support.

The player will take on the role as the manager of an apartment building that has three young women.

Somewhere in Japan lies the suburban Hanasaki City. It’s a city that capitalizes on its abundance of water resources and diligent townspeople to prosper in the precision equipment and factory plant cultivation industries. The setting of Happy Manager is an apartment building built upon high ground in Hanasaki City called “Happy Manor.”

It has a bit of a retro exterior; perhaps it was built during Japan’s bubble era? There is a rumor that it was originally built as a rich man’s vacation home, and the building’s non-standard facilities make it popular. When it’s in need of a new manager, you, the reader, take on the duty.

What? You say you didn’t know? Certainly, you remember that the previous manager suddenly quit, and that your aunt requested as a last resort that you fill the position for a mere three months! Good. It seems you remembered.

The truth is, at Happy Manor, there are a lot of vacant rooms. Right now, there are just three residents, all female. So few residents even though there is a fitness gym and pool in the basement since it used to be a vacation home. Maybe it’s because it’s not near a train station? But it can’t be helped since this area used to be all vacation homes…

The fitness gym and pool usage fees are included in the rent. It’s a great service for residents because they can use them at any time. But that means the manager of Happy Manor has a lot to do in terms of the management and maintenance of these facilities, so please take your duties seriously. Of course, there’s also a locker room.

Sakurai Shizuka
CV: Nakahara Mai
Age: 20
Occupation: 2nd Year Student at Hanasaki Women’s College
Room Number: 302

A beautiful young woman who uses beautiful gestures and words. She must come from a wealthy family. Perhaps because she was raised free of discomfort, she has a very kind, caring personality.

Now and then it seems like she is lacking in common sense, and she does something puzzling. She’s an only child, and because her proprietor parents were always at work, she was raised spending a lot of time with her grandparents.

Because she’s an adult now, she has an extraordinary desire to explore the world of alcohol, which she still can’t handle very well.

Barabara-Kristen Tachibana
CV: Kugimiya Rie
Age: 18
Occupation: 3rd Year Student at Hanasaki High School
Room Number: 204

A modern-day girl who speaks her piece bluntly. Since she’s experienced some prejudice for being half-Japanese ever since she was a child, she isn’t great at socializing.

Since she takes a cold attitude with those she doesn’t know, this is a good opportunity to show off your skills as a newcomer manager. Taking advantage of her uncommonly good looks, she works as a model in addition to doing her schoolwork.

Takeyama Himari
CV: Kanemoto Hisako
Age: 21
Occupation: 3rd Year Student at Hanasaki Women’s College
Room Number: 101

Himari is the most senior of the three residents. She’ll haphazardly take on things that interest her to the point where she forgets to eat and sleep.

But when her initial frenzy dies down, she no longer seems to show interest. Knowledgeable Himawari is relied on by the other residents of the apartment, and that seems to make her happy. She appears to spend all of her time doing part-time jobs, but is she really working?

The game will release early 2017.

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