New Pokemon for Pokemon Sun & Moon and Aether Foundation Revealed in New Trailer

Nintendo has released the latest trailer for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The trailer reveals four new Pokemon, a new group, and more.

The four Pokemon revealed are Type: Null, a normal type with the “battle armor” ability, Jangmo-o, a dragon type with either “bulletproof” or “soundproof” ability, Raticate Alola form, a dark and normal type with either “gluttony” or “hustle” ability, and a new mysterious Pokemon series “Ultra Beasts.”

The trailer reveals that the two versions are 12 hours apart. Some events will play out differently.

A new group is also introduced, The Aether Foundation. An organization that protects Pokemon from Team Skull. The group’s members are Lusamine, the foundation’s President, Faba, the branch chief, and Wicke, the assistant branch chief. Gladion, a member of Team Skull was also revealed.

It was also revealed that trainers will be given an item called the Zygarde Cube, which allows you to collect Zygardes all around the islands.

You will also be able to take photos.

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